Climbing to Khomyak

Climbing to Khomyak

If you do not like to spend holiday home with TV or computer and you want to see amazing beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, than this route is for you. We offer you the most popular weekend tour- climbing to Khomyak and Sinyak. Only you and mountains, with no sign of civilization.

“Hello, mountains, of such height”...

Well-organized tour will bring a lot of positive emotions for tourists. You will definitely like magnificent views of the Central Gorgan, ridge Svidovets and Montegrin ridge. You will also see waterfall Guk at river Zhenets with beautiful flora around.

Even one-day tour to Khomyak mountain will allows you to enjoy the beauty of ancient Carpathians. Here landscape of Gorgana and Montegrin interweaves amazingly. Rock streams of Gorgana and hills covered with green grass.

Here you can feel the harmony. It seems like you have wings and fly high above the ground with a feeling of admiration and freedom. There are no such other feelings to compare. And it can’t be expressed in words, photos or videos. You must see it and feel it personally.

Mountain spiral road

Climbing to Khomyak starts from turn to Bukovel in Tattarov village. The mountain is called so by local residents for its similarity with the back of rodent. Invisible path will lead you to mountain spiral road. Lift is not very difficult and can be easily crossed by tourists. During climbing you will admire with what lies at your feet- interesting tree roots, stones, moss and notice the beauty of pine forest. Your path will be traversed with mountain streams that flow into the river Prut.

Climbing will take near two hours. And here you are at subalpine meadow called polonina. Here you may pitch a tent because water and forest with logs is near. If you are a tourist “with experience”, we will organize you climbing to Hoverlia, the highest mountain in Ukraine!

We suggest you to take trekking poles, a backpack with sandwiches, water, chocolate, thermos of hot tea, small first aid kit and camera. Your equipment should contain windproof jacket with a hood, trekking shoes or sneakers, sunglasses. Light shoes are unacceptable as it can lead to injuries.

Khomyak or Sinyak? Can I visit both

From subalpine meadow you can go either to Khomyak or to Sinyak. Come here for several days if you want to see them both. Sinyak mountain is a little bit further. Walking on a ridge is priceless.

Ascent is pretty rapid, but short, thus many tourists can manage it. After thirty minutes you are on the top. Wonderful! Here you will find the statue of Virgin Mary. Don’t waste a chance to pray her.

You will continue your trips over Gorgona after climbing to Khomyak. Our diversity will satisfy your wishes. Mountains are calling you.