Summer vacation in the Carpathian Mountains

Summer vacation in the Carpathian Mountains

Surely, the first association at the mention of rest in Bukovel you is sparkling snow that covers the slopes of the mountains, skiing, snow-covered Smereka, steaming mugs of mulled wine. But you should also know that summer vacation in the Carpathian Mountains can also be no less exciting. And the main thing is that here everyone can find a class to his liking – and a lover of quiet holiday with children and lovers of extreme sports, therefore, with regard to the diversity of entertainment in the Carpathian Mountains in the summer, it is superior to the winter holidays.

What is fraught with summer vacation in the Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian Mountains, is known – is a system of mountains, for this reason, the Carpathians in the summer can offer you everything that touches the mountains – the rise of the famous peaks – Petros and Hoverla (the highest mountain in Ukraine) Carpathian vistas of valleys and saucers lakes, swift mountain streams, in which you can practice rafting and fishing. Tourists-extremals have the opportunity to climb into the mountains by jeep or bicycle, and on top of the mountains you can go down on a paraglider. You can also take a walk on horseback. Only in the Carpathian Mountains, you can forget about the suffocating smog cities, breathing the fresh mountain air, which is filled with pine aroma Smerek.

Carpathian Mountains for fans of folklore

Summer holidays in the Carpathians will be a godsend for those who love and are interested in folklore. Locals are keepers of ancient Hutsul legends and traditions. A legend told by the night near Vatra – the fire of the shepherds, you will remember for a lifetime. People who love architecture will also come to the delight of traveling in the Carpathians – wooden kolyby, temples, houses have original features that are inherent in the architecture of this region of Ukraine and are very curious. In the Carpathians, is held in the summer a lot of festivals, visiting that you will get a huge amount of positive emotions. You will be sure to visit the souvenir market – your own house and the house of friends decorate leather and wood, metal and ceramics. Be sure to bring out the Carpathians shirts – shirts, which are hand-embroidered patterns, traditional for this area, and warm, fluffy slippers from sheep’s wool. All hotels Bukovelya will take you as a native people, because we know that it is very good-natured people.

Benefits of rest in Carpathians

Summer holidays in Bukovel – a recovery with the help of mineral water. The most popular resorts – is Morshyn, Mukachevo and Truskavets. Truskavets – this is absolutely unique area, here is a deposit of the famous mineral water “NAFTA”, which is known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. Summer vacation in the Carpathian Mountains – is also an unforgettable taste of dishes Hutsul cuisine. Coming here be sure to try the famous Carpathian banosh with cheese or mushrooms. It should be noted that in contrast to the resorts of the distant abroad for summer vacation in the Carpathians are not hit hard on your wallet, and you do not need the passport and visa.

Carpathians – a sight! Carpathian Mountains – is extreme! Carpathians – a recovery!

You just do not find a better place for summer vacation!